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  • What is "Your Life Operating Instructions?"

Your Life Operating Instructions or YLOI is a monthly coaching support program, designed to help anyone accomplish their goals and achieve the life of their dreams. It consists of weekly lessons, catered to the needs of the client, and is augmented by weekly group coaching calls to help cement the necessary steps to move ahead. The courses, activities, and assignments occur on specific dates, and there are monthly "enrolment rounds" so that everyone participating in the group are on the same track.

The purpose of YLOI is to teach members to "self-actualize" and discover and maintain the motivation to achieve and embody everything they were meant to become in this lifetime.

  • What is "4 Weeks to Your Best Life?"

4 Weeks to Your Best Life is the "foundation" course of the coaching support series. The course consists of 31 daily learning modules, each one with written assignments, that reprogram the mind for success by eliminating the behaviors and thought patterns that prevent people from achieving what they desire. It includes weekly group coaching support and accountability. It is a required investment before members are allowed to participate in YLOI, as it teaches the mindsets that makes YLOI so effective.

On its own, 4 Weeks has its members discover exactly who they are, and how their limiting beliefs were formed. This course eliminates shame, bolsters confidence, and reprograms self-destructive behavior into constructive determination. Members become the very definition of Empowered, and are perfectly primed to put their plans and dreams into motion with YLOI.

  • What is the "Roger Burnley Series?"

The Roger Burnley Series encompases all of Roger's programs and memberships, including free lead-generating mini-courses, workshops, and webinars that help new people discover Roger Burnley, and his messages of purpose-seeking and self-actualization.

  • Who is the Roger Burnley Series for?

The Roger Burnley Series is for anyone who feels a general lack of purpose or direction in their lives. Anyone experiencing routine anxiety, depression, lack of success, low confidence and self-esteem, lack of fulfilment, and/or feeling as if the world or the people in it are sabotaging their success; they are all perfect candidates to be introduced to 4 Weeks to Your Best Life to reprogram those limiting behaviours, and later on, proceed to Your Life Operating Instructions to start building their lives.

  • What are the benefits for becoming an Affiliate for Roger Burnley Series?

The primary benefit is helping the world self-actualize one person at a time, as you introduce more people into a community of support and growth. You will literally be making the world a better place by encouraging more people to strive for higher quality of life.

The next benefit is that you will make money in doing so! RBS Affiliates receive a 50% commission on every sale that is attributed to them!

Affiliates also take an sense of ownership, as they have the power to really give the feedback necessary to make positive and quality changes to the program to drive even more converting sales.

You don't need to have extensive of professional marketing experience to be successful at selling this program, as only members/students are permitted to become Affiliates. This means if you felt impacted by any of the programs, all you need to do is to talk about your experience with it, and share your unique link to receive commission credit for any sales made through that link.

  • Which programs qualify for commission sales, and how do I get credit for those commissions?

The main program that you would be promoting is 4 Weeks to Your Best Life. Anyone interested in Your Life Operating Instructions (YLOI) must take this foundational course first. As of right now, membership into 4 Weeks is a one-time payment of $498 or two monthly payments of $279 (totalling $558). This means that if someone purchases membership into the program under your link, you will receive 50% of this (minus service fees with our hosting partners).

Not only do you receive commission on the one-time sale, but if that member decides to continue into YLOI, and pay the monthly membership of $498 per month, you will continue to receive monthly commission of 50% each month they remain a member! That's right, you have the opportunity to have recurring monthly commision!

Roger also hosts webinars and workshops. When we alert you to upcoming webinars, workshops, and masterclasses, you can use your link generator to promote the webinar. If your traffic registers for the webinar, and takes advantage of our offer and makes a purchase, you will also receive 50% commission on that sale as well! And yes, that sale also qualifies you to receive recurring monthly commission if that member decides to continue into YLOI after completing 4 Weeks.

  • When are commissions paid out to Affiliates?

We always will be transparent, and we know this is one thing that shouldn't be hidden in the fine print. Commissions are paid on the first of every month, after the 30-day refund grace (all members enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee with 4 Weeks, which is separate from our 120% Guarantee).

  • How do I become an Affiliate?

Affiliate status is only available to members of 4 Weeks to Your Best Life, as we feel that members who have gone through the program will be the best-equipped people to promote it.

Next, simply fill out the simple form below by entering your name and email address, and click on the button that says "Request Affiliate Access." Your request will be reviewed in 48 hours, and you will be notified via email when your access has been setup.


* By submitting your name and email, you have read and agreed to the terms & conditions.

If you have not received an email notifying you that we have received your affiliate access request, please check your spam folder. If you still not have received an email, or have been notified of approved access past 48 hours, please contact info@rogerburnley.com for support.