Live Free Masterclass

How to Live a Successful Life

With Roger Burnley & Stan Rain

In this FREE 90-Minute Masterclass, you will walk away with tools to move through any challenge or difficulty in your life, a new awareness of your talents and your gifts, and a greater sense of peace and happiness.

    Wednesday March 02 , 2022

    At 01:00 PM PST

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Every person born can guide and direct their lives in a manner that would cause them to become happy, prosperous, confident, loving, develop a strong sense of purpose and direction with an unstoppable drive to succeed.

If you are not experiencing those things now, you are still evolving and in the process of becoming more, for you also have all those abilities. I didn't believe I possessed them, so I spent the last forty years of my life uncovering them through a dedicated practice of self-discovery. My journey has allowed me to develop skills, techniques, and innovative ways of guiding others to reach the highest potential in their life that has always existed within them.

I didn't know that either, but I was meant to develop those things in my life so I could provide them to you. You will also offer it to others, for that is the process of evolution.


Tools to Move Through Any Challenge or Difficulty in Your Life

There's always a solution to every difficulty or problem. And the solution is always you becoming more empowered.

A New Awareness of Your Talents and Your Gifts

The process of living is change and evolving. That is the only way to discover who we truly are.

A Greater Sense of Peace and Happiness

Arriving at your purpose in the world becomes recognizable by the peace, confidence, and exhilaration you experience within yourself.

Interactive High-Level Group Coaching

You will have immediate access to experienced life coaches, answering whatever question you may have to ensure that you are primed to succeed on your evolutionary journey.

Opportunities to go Deeper into Your Empowerment

This workshop is a complete, self-contained toolset that will give you the boost you need to get yourself unstuck from your fear, take control of your destiny, and dissolve your doubts that it's even possible. And, you will be gifted some amazing opportunities to guarantee your success available only through this training.


Meet your coaches who will be guiding you through this life-changing workshop! With a combined coaching experience spanning the better part of a century, you will be in the capable hands of two powerful individuals in the coaching space.


Roger is an Intuitive Empowerment Life Purpose Coach, and he has helped thousands of people  -- from blue collar workers, to small business owners, to celebrities -- discover their gifts and realize their ultimate life purpose.


Stan is an Empowerment Life Coach, and he has helped numerous people discover their self-sabotaging behaviors, understand their value and purpose, and motivate them into going after the dream life they deserve.