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Watch the Replay

How Fear and Doubt Can Help You Masterclass

With Roger Burnley & Stan Rain

In this FREE 90-Minute Masterclass, I will reveal many of my struggles with fear and doubt, how I overcame them, and how you can do the same.


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You might look at the title of this Masterclass and wonder how fear and doubt could help you, and I will tell you that they can. You possess both and understanding why you experience those uncomfortable conditions can lead you to greatness.

During this Masterclass, I will reveal many of my struggles with fear and doubt, how I overcame them, and how you can do the same. Several years ago, I wrote a book on fear entitled "Overcoming Fear - a Guide to Freedom." It was a cathartic experience for me, and few things in life give me greater pleasure than providing you with the information I discovered, so you do not have to suffer for decades as I did.

I can't wait to see you!


Higher Confidence of Your True Self

You will start to feel more confident and comfortable about who you are.

Freedom From Self-Judgment

You will let go of the judgement you have on yourself, as well as the criticisms that you may believe from others.

Understand That You Have A Life Purpose

You will discover that you have a unique and valuable life purpose, and begin to become aware of it.

Interactive High-Level Group Coaching

You will have immediate access to experienced life coaches, answering whatever question you may have to ensure that you are primed to succeed on your evolutionary journey.

Opportunities to go Deeper into Your Empowerment

This workshop is a complete, self-contained toolset that will give you the boost you need to get yourself unstuck from your fear, take control of your destiny, and dissolve your doubts that it's even possible. And, you will be gifted some amazing opportunities to guarantee your success available only through this training.


Meet your coaches who will be guiding you through this life-changing workshop! With a combined coaching experience spanning the better part of a century, you will be in the capable hands of two powerful individuals in the coaching space.


Roger is an Intuitive Empowerment Life Purpose Coach, and he has helped thousands of people  -- from blue collar workers, to small business owners, to celebrities -- discover their gifts and realize their ultimate life purpose.


Stan is an Empowerment Life Coach, and he has helped numerous people discover their self-sabotaging behaviors, understand their value and purpose, and motivate them into going after the dream life they deserve.