Live Training

Free Workshop: How to Move Through Fear, Blame, and Doubt

with Roger Burnley & Stan Rain

In this 90 Minute interactive workshop, you're going to walk away with insights into how you might move through these chaotic times in our world, and transform your life into one that makes you happy - complete with free high-level coaching from the industry's leading mentors in the personal development and healing space.

    Wednesday February 09 , 2022

    At 04:00 PM PST

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We all might be experiencing fear and doubt during these times, but I know it is happening, so each of us becomes our authentic selves.

Dissolve Fear by Understanding the Changes Currently Happening in the World

Your primary human need is "certainty." Much of what you fear from world events can be attributed to not knowing how, or why, the world is changing. Once you understand this, your fears will automatically begin to lighten and dissolve. 

Take Back Your Power and Own Your Destiny 

Blame is one of your most dangerous tendencies. The second you make your situation someone else's (or something else's) fault, you lose all control, and hope, of fixing any problem or challenge you may currently have. This training will teach you how to take "effective responsibility" for your life without feeling bad about any of it. Therefore, you will have the first and final say of what happens next in your life. This is your ultimate place of power.

Kick Self-Doubt to the Curb, and Say Hello to Your Confidence 

When you relieve your fears and anxieties, and take personal responsibility for your life direction, something magical happens: you begin to see possibilities. This training will not only spark the possibilities in your imagination, you will also learn how you can apply personal motivation to begin walking in your desired direction IMMEDIATELY.

Understand What You Need to Consciously Transform Your Life

You will be shown all of the tools necessary to see exactly where you need to make desirable changes in your life, and begin shifting your behaviors in positive and empowering directions right away.

Interactive High-Level Group Coaching

You will have immediate access to experienced life coaches, answering whatever question you may have to ensure that you are primed to succeed on your evolutionary journey.

Opportunities to go Deeper into Your Empowerment

This workshop is a complete, self-contained toolset that will give you the boost you need to get yourself unstuck from your fear, take control of your destiny, and dissolve your doubts that it's even possible. And, you will be gifted some amazing opportunities to guarantee your success available only through this training.


Meet your coaches who will be guiding you through this life-changing workshop! With a combined coaching experience spanning the better part of a century, you will be in the capable hands of two powerful individuals in the coaching space.


Roger is an Intuitive Empowerment Life Purpose Coach, and he has helped thousands of people  -- from blue collar workers, to small business owners, to celebrities -- discover their gifts and realize their ultimate life purpose.


Stan is an Empowerment Life Coach, and he has helped numerous people discover their self-sabotaging behaviors, understand their value and purpose, and motivate them into going after the dream life they deserve.