It all exists within you. Every person born has them. There is no dream too big, and no goal you can't accomplish.





It all exists within you. Every person born has them. There is no dream too big, and no goal you can't accomplish.

I am Roger Burnley, and I am an Intuitive Empowerment Life Purpose Coach

I didn't believe any of that was possible, and it caused me to experience a life of hardship, failures, depression, addictions, only to turn them all around. Today, I know that my above statements are true. You truly can have it all. The capacity exists within everyone. That includes you.

Not only that, I can guarantee you will have the same experience, and you will affirm every word stated above. If you don't receive all of the results as promised in 4 Weeks to Your Best Life, I will refund your money, and throw in an extra $100 for your time and trouble.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, and that is the life you have always wanted.



You create and manifest your life through your thoughts. Any thought you continually think causes your life to manifest in exactly the way you’ve been thinking, "good" or "bad." 4 Weeks to Your Best Life is the mandatory foundation to my blueprint series  Your Life Operating Instructions  - all given to me by an aspect of my higher self called Wilhelm in the year of 2012.

4 Weeks is an intensive, live, and interactive 31-Day Self Development Online Course, and the beginning of my signature personal empowerment series. It is designed to reprogram your thought process for success. With neuroscience-based tools such as neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive behavioral techniques, and nervous system regulation, you will clarify and align your way of thinking to your actual wants and desires. You will get out of your own way, be set for long-term success, and finally be ready to welcome in your dream life.

This is 70 years of transformation, optimized down to just 4 Weeks. And you can choose this NOW. With daily assignments, live coaching from myself and other certified coaches, and motivational accountability, this is a program you will see to the end. This, I guarantee. You cannot fail.

what's included and how does it work?


A Fail-Proof Online Curriculum


  • 31 Daily Lesson Modules

Each module deals with a specific area of self development, as received by Wilhelm. Each module begins with a short video lecture by Roger, explaining the concepts into which you will be exploring. Roger tells stories to cite his personal experiences as examples, and each day will require you to complete and submit a written assignment.

  • Daily Interactive Assignments

The assignments in each module are designed to get you to dig deep. These exercises automatically reprogram your thoughts for success as you do the work. You will submit your assignments right in the module, and either Roger or another certified Burnley Method coach reviews them, and may provide feedback.

  • Built-In Coaching Accountability

All lessons are created and curated by Roger Burnley, and all assignments are reviewed either by him or by another certified Burnley Method coach. You are supported and guided every step of the way. If you do the work, you cannot fail.

  • Easy & Modern Online Learning Environment

We have partnered with Zenler to deliver a simplified, sleek, and easy-to-navigate online learning environment on any web browser, including mobile. You'll have your own student dashboard in your membership with customizable notifications. You will always know what you need to do next, and where you need to go to succeed. Success is inevitable.

  • 4 Weeks on Your Schedule

This program is designed to be experienced in 31 consecutive days for the most powerful transformation to occur. However, you can break and continue the course at your own pace when things happen beyond your control.


Weekly Group Coaching Calls


  • High Level Intuitive Coaching

Receive intuitive coaching, in a group format, from high level Intuitive Empowerment Life Purpose Coach Roger Burnley, and other coaches certified under the Burnley Method. Here, you will have the opportunity to have your questions answered, and receive direct attention to coach you through certain blocks and resistances using Roger's unique intuitive processes.

  • Weekly Accountability

Members are required to attend at least four coaching calls over the course of their time in the program. The highest impact would be committing to being on a coaching call every single week.

  • Ongoing Support

Even when you complete this program, you are encouraged to take advantage of attending the weekly calls, and receive ongoing support of your growth.

  • Zoom Schedules

The live group coaching schedule changes monthly, but calls usually occur on the weekends, on a Saturday and a Sunday. There are usually two times each day that are available to accommodate members in different time zones and odd schedules. Scheduling is easy and intuitive.


A Supportive Growth Community


  • Built-In Online Community Space

Join a healthy community space within the program, built right into your learning experience. Interact and connect with growth-oriented individuals who are on the same path to purpose and self-actualization, just like you!

  • Interactive Discussions

Some assignments are open to discussion threads, so members are able to encourage and support each other when challenges and resistance arise. Share thoughts, experiences, and insights as you all grow together.

  • A Safe Space

All community areas are constantly monitored and moderated to ensure the safety and comfort of all members. This is a space where you are encouraged to discover and be your true, athentic self.

  • Facebook Collaboration

You will be able to take advantage of our exclusive Facebook Community as well! You'll be able to connect with other growth-oriented members outside of the program, and network as you all become empowered together.


Take a Glimpse of What's Inside

As a Valued Member, You Will Also Receive These Amazing Bonuses!


Free Instant-Access to My Bestseller:
Overcoming Fear: A Guide to Freedom


As a "Thank You" for becoming a valued member of 4 Weeks to Your Best Life, and a practitioner of Your Life Operating Instructions, I am gifting you free access to my BEST-SELLING book, now made available in a brand new online course format! I have never gifted this bonus before!

This book goes into great depths about my personal struggles and experiences with fear, and the tools I have developed to help you conquer fear, and to use it to your advantage. I also share guided messages from Wilhelm -- the very same that created 4 Weeks. It's an excellent companion to my signature program, as I have transformed my book into its own interactive course experience! Over 34 chapters of guided messages and tools!

And you'll also get....


My Guided Meditation and Automatic Writing Series
Finding Answers Within: Meditation That Works


Over the years, so many of my amazing followers have been asking me to show them how to meditate and channel, so that they too may find their access to their version of Wilhelm. In 2015, I created that very program to marvelous results! And I made recent additions to it to make it even more powerful! It's a course that spans 9 videos with almost 2 whole hours of additional guided enlightening content!

“To have discovered my gifts, I am so glad that I found Roger. He's like a wizard! Anything you want out of life, he will help you find it!”

Student & Client

“I have never felt this empowered in my life! He was there for me at every step, and because of him, I found my true calling in life, and I'm so thankful!"

Student & Client

"I've always talked myself out of every great idea that I've had. Roger helped me to trust in myself, and now I can decide and choose from a place of confidence.” 

Student & Client

"It's actually healed me up inside, and made it so that I feel like myself. I feel like myself now.

Student & Client



Here is my...


My program works. It's just that simple. And I am so confident, I'm offering an insane, unprecedented 120% money-back guarantee!

In addition to the program's 30-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee...  If you have done all the work, completed every assignment, attended all four of your zoom calls, and you still feel like you haven't improved or shifted your way of thinking, or feel any growth or improvement...  Not only will I will give you a full and complete refund – I will also give you an extra $100 (one hundred US dollars) for your trouble! Yes, I am so confident in this program is so fail-proof, that I will pay you if you do not experience a shift after 31 days!

You simply cannot fail when you go through this program, and there is no risk to you. How much more of an invitation do you need?


4 Weeks to Your Best Life is designed to be completed in 31 consecutive days, which will be the most effective and powerful way to experience the program and gain momentum. However, you may pause and resume at anytime.

As with anything in life, the more energy and focus you put into something, the more you are going to get out of it. That said, we designed the daily assignments to take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete per day for the average person.

A handful of assignments may ask you to invest up to a half-hour or a little bit more in order for you to dive deeply enough into your situation. We do, however, encourage you to go all out and spend as much time as you are able to devote to your personal development.

We are aware that you have a busy life that incorporates lots of other areas that require your time and attention. However, if you feel that your self-care, self-actualization, healing, growth, and development aren't worth setting aside some time; then I invite you to look at this as an opportunity to do something amazing and important for yourself. The more energy and focus you put into something, the more "developed" it becomes. What would happen if you poured more focus, attention, and energy into yourself?

Assignments range from short essays, to lists, to keeping track of certain behaviors. There is usually one assignment each day, and a handful of modules that assign two or more exercises. We encourage you to keep a separate written journal for the bulk of your development work, as the assignments will ask you to share a portion of what we suggest you write in great detail in your personal journal for your benefit.

All of your information is strictly confidential, and will never be shared with anyone. Only Roger Burnley, and certified coaches under The Burnley Method will see your assignments, and only to verify that you have completed them, or to reference if you have question during your group coaching sessions. We may use snippets of testimony such as, "This exercise really changed my life," etc. However, any details regarding stories or personal information or identifiers will never be shared or made public in any way without your permission and consent.

All members are required to attend four live group coaching calls, using the teleconference program Zoom. There will be an area on your dashboard where you will be able to book your spot, and there will be several options for different times to accommodate your availability.

Each call will be facilitated by either Roger himself, or a certified coach. You will be guided to go over your experiences, share your goals, go over parts of the program where you have questions, and to help you clarify areas of confusion in general.

While we cannot force you to attend all four of your required calls, you will not qualify for the 120% Guarantee if you do not attend all of them. This is to ensure you stay on track, and develop healthy habits necessary to build your confidence, and be able to effectively work in Your Life Operating Instructions, should you choose to continue.

No. You may begin 4 Weeks to Your Best Life at any time. You may be at a different spot compared to other members while you're on the live calls, but the program is designed to be done on your own terms, and by you, with the coaches serving as support and accountability.

4 Weeks to Your Best Life is best experienced by doing each lesson, every single day, for 31 days. There are built-in "break days" where you will have a chance to breathe and reflect, and in an "active" way. That said, yes, you can take as much time as you'd like to complete the program if something comes up. Please note that this may create additional challenges of losing your daily momentum.

You will not qualify for the 120% Guarantee if you do not complete the course in 31 days.

Additionally, the course daily unlocks and email automation cannot be paused, so you will still receive daily module unlock notifications and reminders, even if you are not active in the program. It is highly recommended that you sign up when you are ready to do the inner work and supercharge yourself into empowerment.

By default, all modules are locked behind a daily automated timer. If you are beginning as soon as you purchase your membership (as we highly recommend you do), you will be unable to skip ahead. Each module will unlock the following day, starting with access to the first module at Day 1 of your purchase, each day granting you access to the subsequent modules, all the way until you reach Day 31. You may access your curriculum from your student dashboard.

Additionally, you will receive daily unlock reminders, with links that will instantly take you to the day's module. We make it easy for you to do your lessons by serving them to you, right to your inbox.

Please note that the unlock automated system does not pause. If you miss days, the automation will keep going until Day 31. If you miss more than one day, you are able to do more than one day, although it is recommended to simply continue where you left off.

Each module and lesson must be completed sequentially before moving to the next module. In the event you have multiple days available due to inactivity, the system will still require you to complete each lesson before moving onto the next, locking off the ability to skip around. Each module builds off of the previous lessons, so sequential completion is required.

Once purchased, you will be a lifetime member of 4 Weeks to Your Best Life and may return to it anytime you wish, as well as lifetime (for the duration of the existence of the program) access to your bonuses, group coaching calls, and replays when available.

You have an automatic 30-day money-back, no-questions-asked guarantee. For any reason you would like to end your membership within the 30 days, we will honor and process your refund in the amount that you paid.

To qualify to receive the extra $100 on top of your original investment (our "120% Guarantee"), you will need to have completed all of the lessons, submitted all of the assignments, with each assignment appropriately efforted (it won't count if you submit a single sentence when the assignment calls for an essay, for example), and you have attended all four of your required live zoom calls -- and follow through the curriculum in 31 consecutive days from the date of purchase.

In other words, you need to do the work, give it an honest effort, and experience the program as it is intended.

If you have shown that you have done all of the work, and you don't feel improved, more empowered, or confident in any way, we will gift you $100, separate from your original refund. And, you will lose access to 4 Weeks to Your Best Life, and will not be eligible to continue in Your Life Operating Instructions

No. Once you complete 4 Weeks to Your Best Life, you will then be considered to continue in Your Life Operating Instructions (or YLOI)usually during your last coaching call or follow-up call. If you are invited to join YLOI, and you choose to continue into the high-level program, you will opt-in to a monthly membership subscription, with your monthly rate equalling the cost of your one-time investment into 4 Weeks.

You can think of 4 Weeks to Your Best Life as the first month of Your Life Operating Instructions, and you get to "try out" and experience this life-changing system without committing to a monthly membership subscription right away. We don't want you to waste your time or money on a system that isn't right for you, although we believe this system can work for everybody, provided they are ready to put in the work to achieve the life of their dreams.

You may, however return to the 4 Weeks curriculum anytime you wish for the lifetime of the program. 4 Weeks is a standalone program, even though it transitions into YLOI if you choose to continue.  You have unlimited access to the curriculum, and it is always being updated and iterated upon. You also have lifetime access to your bonuses, with more bonuses to be added (at no additional cost to you) as the program evolves.

No. 4 Weeks to Your Best Life is the initial required program before you can be considered for subscription access to Your Life Operating Instructions, which is designed to provide ongoing coaching, accountability and guidance support, tailored planning, and deep work. The 4 Weeks program is designed to put you in a very specific "empowered" state, and transform you into a success machine, so that the ongoing support, goal planning, and actioning provided in YLOI is powerful and effective in helping you achieve the goals you desire.



...If You Are Ready for a Breakthrough Change in these areas


  • You are wanting to find your dream career.
  • You are wanting to do something meaningful in your life, but do not know what that is.
  • You are awakening spiritually, and need guidance.
  • You have suffered failures and tragedies in your life, and you are trying to recover from them.
  • You have difficulty making decisions for yourself.
  • You know what you want to do, but you have not progressed, because you have too much fear and doubt.

If you are looking for prosperity, success, love, and purpose, this program is made for you to master the skills necessary to pursue all that you desire.





We are revamping and upgrading this program due to the crucial feedback from our amazing 4 Weeks members. We are transforming and integrating this boot camp style program into something so big, and so complete, it will be the last development program you will ever need in which to invest. Current members of 4 Weeks to Your Best Life will have lifetime access to this new program at no additional cost to them. The new cost of the revamped program, to be released later this Summer.

If you would like to stay updated and to be notified when we are opening membership into Your Last Development Program, please submit your information below to stay updated.

"Success is inevitable when you decide to listen to your heart."