Discover the Proven Path to Self-Actualization and Start Living the Life You've Always Dreamed Of!

Unlock the secrets to personal growth, happiness, and success with 4 Weeks to Your Best Life Legacy—the groundbreaking program that's transformed countless lives!

Soon to Transform into Your Last Development Program


Feeling stuck in a life that's a far cry from what you envisioned? Tired of going through the motions and longing for a life bursting with purpose, passion, and fulfillment? You're not alone. The good news?

Your best life is just four weeks away.


A Fail-Proof Online Curriculum


  • 31 Daily Lesson Modules
  • Daily Interactive Assignments
  • Built-In Coaching Accountability
  • Easy & Modern Online Learning Environment

Weekly Group Coaching Calls


  • High Level Intuitive Coaching
  • Weekly Accountability
  • Ongoing Support
  • Live Zoom Classes

Supportive Growth-Minded Community


  • Built-In Online Community Space
  • Interactive Discussions
  • A Safe Space



Special Bonus: Unlock the Gateway to Your Ultimate Transformation

Love what you discover when you dive through 4 Weeks to Your Best Life? Well, guess what? This is just the appetizer to the full-course transformation that awaits you!

When you invest in this program, you're not just getting four weeks of life-changing content; you're also securing a golden ticket to elevate your journey. When our flagship course - Your Last Development Program - is ready, you will be gifted instant access at no additional cost!

So go ahead, dip your toes in the water with 4 Weeks to Your Best Life. And you will automatically be granted access to all of Your Last Development Program (which will start at $2,500) at no additional cost! For life!


Ready to step into the life you were born to live? Click below to invest in 4 Weeks to Your Best Life Legacy and start your journey to self-actualization today! Be automatically granted access to Your Last Development Program at no additional cost when it launches!

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Full Pay *Recommended Plan $997 USD
3-Pay Installment 3 payments of $349 USD /month
12-Pay Installment 12 payments of $105 USD /month

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    4 Weeks to Your Best Life [Legacy Edition] $997 USD
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        “To have discovered my gifts, I am so glad that I found Roger. He's like a wizard! Anything you want out of life, he will help you find it!”

        Student & Client

        “I have never felt this empowered in my life! He was there for me at every step, and because of him, I found my true calling in life, and I'm so thankful!"

        Student & Client

        "I've always talked myself out of every great idea that I've had. Roger helped me to trust in myself, and now I can decide and choose from a place of confidence.” 

        Student & Client

        "It's actually healed me up inside, and made it so that I feel like myself. I feel like myself now.

        Student & Client